St Heliers Branch

Located in the renowned Eastmed centre, we share a large medical centre with a number of other healthcare specialties. We started our first branch here in 2013 and have grown from strength to strength, constantly refining our model to ensure we offer nothing but the best in dedicated private mental health care rooms. By locating in a recognized medical centre we can offer plenty of parking and a recognised easy to find location.

Redeveloped in 2018, we consulted with an interior designer to create the best rooms for our clinicians. We have comfy leather chairs and high specification furniture which looks both modern and welcoming. The colour scheme has been chosen to be warming and comforting.

Our offices are air conditioned with our own private waiting room and toilet facilities.As with all of our branches we have filtered hot and cold water with a selection of herbal teas and coffees as well as a wireless network to use whilst you are waiting.

These rooms cost $30/hour for 3 hours or less per week, $24/hour for four hours and above. As a rough guide to the standard of these rooms, clinicians working out of these rooms generally charge $120/hr and above.